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Summer is the perfect time for gathering with friends and family. But once that sun goes down is the party over for you? Landscape lighting is the perfect way to extend your living space show off your home, highlight specific features of your property, expand your entertaining space, and revitalize your yard.

Remember, your home is your investment. By adding Outdoor Lighting to your home, you will increase your property value and appearance.

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Here are some reasons why it’s the perfect time to brighten up your yard with landscape lighting:


1. Appearance

The obvious benefit to lighting up your outdoors is the enhancement of your home’s look. Outdoor lights can make the architectural features of your home stand out, creating an enchanting façade after sundown. You can also customize lighting on commercial properties to create an inviting common area along with curb appeal.


What Some of Our Previous Landscape Lighting Customers Have Said About Us:


Decided to go to NC home show at State Fair Grounds and met Joe. He is very professional and extremely creative. He set up a demo system for one night and it looked stunning. Few of my neighbors were impressed as well. So we decided to get the lights installed. He made our home look great in the evening and we love it.

HOLLY B ★★★★★

Joe did an amazing job with the landscape lighting in our backyard. He is an expert at what he does and offered lighting ideas that completely changed the look and feel of our yard.


I typically don’t write reviews but I couldn’t be more pleased with the professionalism, design and great work that Joe did for me, hence the exception here. He is a true pro who has provided lighting set-design for many major touring acts and he showed the same level of attention to detail in designing an architectural lighting plan for my home. I can’t recommend Joe and Lite Visions highly enough. His work brought the exterior of my home to life. Really happy I responded to his direct mailer and contacted him.


Joe does the best Landscape lighting in the area! From his music touring days and professional lighting experience, he knows the ins and outs of the lighting systems he is installing. I had several quotes from other companies which were not as detail-oriented as Joe. Joe knows how to add just the right amount of light for the project and has the artistic eye for the best placement. He is honest and will not try to “sell” you on more fixtures. He did a Demo light set up which was invaluable!!!! (Other companies not wanting to do this because they “know where the lights need to go”) If you are spending the money on landscape lighting it is helpful to be a part of the process and see the placement of the lights. We may extend our lighting system in the future and will not use anyone else other than Joe (owner) of Lite Visions!




Lite Visions Landscape Lighting of Raleigh truly cared about my landscape lighting installation and Joe even explained why I should be able to look out and appreciate the lighting as a three-dimensional effect, not only should it be seen from the street. I liked the fact that Joe had worked in the concert industry and was a true lighting designer.

We also feel safer with the dusk to dawn control system. My wife and I  both drive in from work now to a secured and nicely lit up home in the evening. I feel Live Visions landscape lighting is the best landscape lighting company in Raleigh NC.

Jay R.  Henderson NC

Best Landscape Lighting Company Raleigh

2. Functionality

Landscape lighting also plays a pivotal role in the way you use your outdoor space. If you find yourself moving inside once the sun goes down, you could be missing out. After all, there’s no better time to enjoy the cool evening breeze or simply unwind from the stress of a long day. Landscape lighting gives you the ability to extend your living space and your time outside.


3. Safety & Convenience

Although landscape lighting does beautify your yard and all of its important features, it also promotes safety. Home exteriors are full of potential dangers, like stairs, drop-offs, pools and tripping hazards. Lighting can help to prevent falls or other injuries. Illuminating your driveway, walkways and house number helps visitors to arrive safely and makes your home easy to find.


Enjoy your home and backyard in the evening hours this summer with outdoor landscape lighting



We can also fix or upgrade your older outdated lighting system to energy-saving LED lighting


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