Soft accent and security lighting for an outdoor patio in Raleigh NC

Outdoor Patio Lighting Raleigh NC

Photos of the lower patio area with brick columns before outdoor lighting.

outdoor patio lighting outdoor patio lighting

Night time demo with only 2 different lighting fixtures to demonstrate how the lighting would work and create 3 distinct lighting effects.

outdoor patio lighting

Yes that’s right

3 separate lighting effects, by mounting the lights as high as possible on the columns results in an accent effect on the architecture of the brick column.

You also get a nice soft pool of light on the concrete patio area below the column.

The soft pool of light on the concrete reflects itself back up onto the soffits and ceiling panels above to give you a beautiful soft light effect all over the patio area.

This also created some much need security lighting around the back patio area under the homes lower level.

Now isn’t this a much nicer effect than a security flood light or spotlight blinding you out on the patio?

outdoor patio lighting

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