Outdoor Lighting, One of the Best Investments You Can Make in Raleigh NC

Outdoor Lighting is one of the Best Investments

a Homeowner Can Make

One of the fastest and easiest ways to boost your curb appeal and show off the beauty of your Raleigh NC home is to add outdoor lighting in the areas that will provide maximum impact. By highlighting the best features of your home, not only you can be sure it looks its best, even after night falls; outdoor lighting can also be used to show off the other investments you’ve made to improve your curb appeal.

Taking the time to properly light the exterior of your home can showcase your home and call attention to the features you love most, without making expensive changes to the structure of your home or yard.

Highlighting Your Home

with Outdoor Lighting

Some of the changes you make to the exterior of your home won’t even be visible after dark unless you highlight them with your lighting choices. outdoor lighting is one of the least expensive ways to boost curb appeal and makes a big impact on your home’s exterior. With lighting, you can pick out and highlight your home’s best features – while leaving those you’d prefer not to show off or that are in need of attention in the dark.

Home During the Daylight Hours
Same home with Outdoor Lighting providing Safety & Security

Show off Your Landscape Features

with Outdoor Lighting

The landscape, garden, even that beautiful statue or water feature will shine after dark if you highlight them with the right lighting. Exterior lighting enhances all the other improvements you’ve made and improves your home’s appeal, even after dark. By highlighting your improvements with up lighting,tree lighting and other lighting effects, you can be sure you get the most from your curb appeal investment.

Landscape Lighting Raleigh NC

Outdoor Lighting Boosts

Safety and Security

An investment in outdoor lighting does more than just make your home look great; by illuminating your lawn and yard you make your home a less appealing target to potential burglars and those possibly wishing to do you harm.

Lighting up the areas around windows and doorways and walkways can and will enhance the look of your home and boost your security as well.

Outdoor lighting is about more than crime prevention; by using lights to illuminate walkways and paths, you make your yard safe and easy to navigate. Your family and guests will appreciate being able to navigate the yard and reach your home without safely in the evenings.

Whether you want to enhance your curb appeal, show off the unique features of your yard and home or improve your home’s safety, outdoor lighting can help. Call  Lite Visions today at 919-518-9950 to find out how easy it is to make a lasting impression with the right outdoor lighting. We  can help you decide what you need to showcase your home’s best features and to give you peace of mind about the safety and security of your home, too.

Outdoor lighting installed on bridge over water feature and walkway providing safety in the evenings.

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Setting Your Raleigh Business Up To Shine With Outdoor Lighting


When the sun is shining and the day is bright, your commercial landscape is at its visible best.  Outdoor Lighting can help you bring that same life to your business at night.

Illuminating the grounds of commercial landscapes, buildings, and unique features, is one of our specialties. Knowing what kind of commercial outdoor lighting is needed and the proper placement/installation is important to accomplish the most effective overall look.

These are some of the reasons you should consider having our outdoor lighting designer assist you in your design for your Raleigh businesses outdoor lighting.

Minimize Energy Use While Maximizing Lighting

According to the U.S Small Business Association, lighting can account for 20-50% of a business’s electricity consumption.

Outdoor lights can use a lot more energy than you probably think. If you are still running conventional incandescent outdoor lighting, you are probably paying far more than you should to light your property.

Today’s Green Friendly Energy Efficient  Long Lasting LED lamps are capable of delivering the same amount of illumination while cutting energy use by up to 80%.  Outdoor lighting can really bring a business to life once the sun sets.

Make Your Business Look It’s Best

It’s the perfect way to give people a much better impression of your business when they drive by or pull up — and is great for attracting new customers.

Beautiful landscape lighting can turn your premises into a sophisticated calling card, just with a few well placed lights or colored LED lights.


Increase The Safety and Security of Your Property

One of the most immediate benefits of adding landscape lighting to commercial properties is the increase in personal safety for employees, customers, and guests.


A commercial lighting designer in Raleigh will strategically place landscape lighting which can help reduces the likelihood of falls and trips, reducing potential liability for commercial property owners.

Enjoy state of the Art Outdoor Lighting

There is a good chance that you do not know about all the options that are available for your Raleigh business. Luckily, at Lite Visions Outdoor Lighting, we only offer top of the line professional grade lighting fixtures and transformers that are extremely reliable and durable.

Lite Visions Outdoor Lighting ’s professional outdoor lighting designer, has the knowledge and experience to design a system tailored to your specific situation. We can help you determine what type of lighting your business needs, whether that means a few lights or a complete lighting system.

Lite Visions Outdoor Lighting proudly serves commercial properties and businesses in Raleigh and the surrounding area. Let us design the perfect outdoor lighting solution for your business today. Email or give us a call at 919-518-9950 for a free estimate!

Showcase Your Home in Raleigh NC with Landscape Lighting

Showcase Your Home with Landscape Lighting

By: Jason Sponzilli, CLVLT

Strategically placing landscape lighting throughout your property is an essential part of showcasing your home. Illuminating your exterior allows neighbors and guests to share in the design and style you have created in your outdoor space. Whether inserting lights by a green screen of evergreens or highlighting one particularly beautiful tree in your yard, creating a lighting design that complements your home and suits your lifestyle provides a welcoming and safe entrance for family and guests.

Adding exterior lighting to your landscape design increases the amount of useable space that you and your family can share. Imagine doubling the size of your livable space by utilizing your outdoor areas well into the evening hours!


Introducing low-voltage, energy efficient lights to your backyard and patio can create a variety of settings throughout your landscape. Visualize a family-friendly patio with a wood burning stove, pizza oven, putting green, water feature, and comfortable lounge seating. Or envision a backyard oasis that spotlights your spectacular pool, pergola, fire pit, lush plantings, and intimate spa. Appropriate lighting enables you and your family to use your sport court for practice or recreation long after the sun goes down. Illuminating your backyard, walkways or paths, side yards, and driveway spaces creates more versatile outdoor spaces and leaves a lasting impression.


Properly positioned lighting not only highlights the features of a home, it offers a higher level of safety for the people you care about most. Icy sidewalks and driveways are dangerous but proper lighting can make them safer to negotiate during the winter months. Pesky deer and rodents can be deterred by placing motion sensors on some of your landscape lighting to give the illusion that they may be spotted. Dark pathways in side and backyards can also be lit for safe use.


A good landscaper uses many techniques such as silhouetting, shadowing, up lighting, and cross lighting — even moon lighting and more. A good design can highlight features you want to highlight and hide features you don’t. Allow the beauty of your home to shine anytime and be the envy of your neighborhood. The secret is in the design.

Soft accent and security lighting for an outdoor patio in Raleigh NC

Outdoor Patio Lighting Raleigh NC

Photos of the lower patio area with brick columns before outdoor lighting.

outdoor patio lighting outdoor patio lighting

Night time demo with only 2 different lighting fixtures to demonstrate how the lighting would work and create 3 distinct lighting effects.

outdoor patio lighting

Yes that’s right

3 separate lighting effects, by mounting the lights as high as possible on the columns results in an accent effect on the architecture of the brick column.

You also get a nice soft pool of light on the concrete patio area below the column.

The soft pool of light on the concrete reflects itself back up onto the soffits and ceiling panels above to give you a beautiful soft light effect all over the patio area.

This also created some much need security lighting around the back patio area under the homes lower level.

Now isn’t this a much nicer effect than a security flood light or spotlight blinding you out on the patio?

outdoor patio lighting

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a few outdoor lighting photos from Cary NC

Architectural columns with outdoor lighting in Prestonwood Country Club  Cary NC.







A pathway lit up with moonlighting in trees as well as a few path lights,outdoor lighting Cary.



outdoor  lighting going into a beautiful stone set of steps in Cary


Front of a home lit with outdoor lighting in Cary.


Rear of a home in Cary with outdoor lighting.

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working with a lighting designer and planning to enjoy your home and lifestyle after the sun goes down

As an outdoor landscape lighting designer in Raleigh NC, we work with Triangle area homeowners to determine how you enjoy your outdoor space, particular features or a structure that you would like to highlight. What you like most about your homes architecture, specific trees or plant you like. A walkway or path you would enjoy or use more if it was illuminated. A  favorite pond or water feature. Features you love most in your outdoor kitchen or along your hardscaping.



Accent outdoor lighting  gently grazing the surface of the stone, stucco, and brick will add depth and dimension your home’s architecture as well as showing the features



Adding outdoor lighting to such things as an arbor, fence a statue or structure and trees will give you a dramatic and attention-getting visual lighting effect, creating a lighting scene with a backdrop as well as mimicking moonlights natural effects.



Water feature outdoor lighting.

Illuminating a water feature, pond or pool combines 2 effects, you might have some trees or plantings near the water that will look interesting with up lighting. You also get stunning mirrored images on the water’s surface, creating dreamlike effects rippling across the water’s surface.




Add outdoor lighting and illuminate a bridge over a water feature to highlight it’s features and create safety


Adding path or walkway outdoor lighting will create a sense of security along stone pathways and lawn walkways as well as adding a hint of intrigue to plant beds and boulders along the way.



Adding down lighting with lights placed up in trees shining thru the trees creates stunning shadows on the ground below mimicking moonlighting effects.




Patio and deck outdoor lighting will feature and accentuate all of the architecture, beauty and detail of your deck, patio, outdoor kitchen, hand railings, steps and more while creating safety.


Hardscape outdoor lighting brings out your stone features along with your outdoor kitchen, retaining walls, steps and more.


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Creating Magical Outdoor Lighting Effects With Water in Raleigh

When outdoor lighting is added to homes, trees and plant materials near any type water feature, pond or pool, as a bonus to the feature itself looking stunning, the outdoor lighting will usually create a beautiful mirrored effect onto the surface of the water.

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The Art of Outdoor Lighting in Raleigh NC

Nothing beautifies your home more than outdoor LED lighting. Low voltage LED lighting’s purpose is to unify your home and the surrounding landscaping into the evening hours. There are few things that will impact your home’s value and curb appeal better than a correctly designed and professionally installed outdoor LED lighting system.

The many advancements in today’s LED out lighting fixtures have made your choices even more attractive and can add long term value to your property.


When designing your outdoor lighting,we take into account your personal style and adapt your exterior environment to evoke a particular mood or place that is soothing to you.

Even modest homes or those with limited yards can benefit from outdoor landscape lighting.

You have a substantial investment in your home and homeowners are looking more and more to outdoor landscape lighting to increase their outdoor living spaces well into the the evening hours.

Call us today to get started with your outdoor lighting project ,the summer evenings are already growing shorter in NC




Lite Visions Landscape Lighting at the Raleigh Fairgrounds Home Show

Nice blog about Lite Visions Landscape Lighting on The Raleigh Fairgrounds Fall Homeshow page



Aug 22, 2018

We’re excited to have Light Visions Landscape Lighting joint us at the Fairgrounds Southern Ideal Home Show. Lite Visions is not a outdoor lighting franchise, but a locally owned outdoor lighting design and installation company. They pride themselves on delivering the best LED Outdoor Fixture, workmanship and customer service to our clients in Raleigh and the surrounding areas. They do custom outdoor lighting to both residential and commercial properties.

Before you see the Light Visions team at booth #2129 get a sneak peek at what they’ll be bringing to the show by reading our brief interview below.

Describe your products and services.
Outdoor Landscape and Architectural Lighting Design and Installation done right by someone who worked in the concert and live music industry for over 30 years as a lighting technician and lighting designer.

What are your best home or garden tips for this season?
As a lighting designer, I work with homeowners in and around the Raleigh NC area to determine how you enjoy your outdoor space, particular features or a structure that you would like to highlight with outdoor lighting. What you like most about your homes architecture, specific trees or plant you like. A walkway or path you would enjoy or use more if it was illuminated. A favorite pond or water feature. Features you love most in your outdoor kitchen or along your hardscaping that would look great with outdoor lighting.

What are your featured items this season?
I am installing a new series of lighting this season designed by an architectural company. The lights are groundbreaking in the fact that not only can you adjust the beam spread and angle, but you can also adjust the wattage output and color temperature of the lights to the right temperature no matter what type of surface you are lighting. These fixtures give off a very soft subtle lighting effect. Too many outdoor lighting companies tend to over light a home. As always I am offering a discount to anyone who signs up for a lighting quote at my booth during the show. My company is different I am different in the fact that I am the lighting designer and installer.

What are your home or garden pet peeves?
People who only light items one sided and have no design knowledge or thoughts of the customer seeing this flat lighting effect when they pull up to their home, but not being able to see it from the home itself. Example a beautiful Crepe Myrtle or Riverbirch tree light from the front with only one light. A tree should always be lit up 3 dimensional to bring out it’s structure and beauty.

What is the strangest client request you’ve ever received?
I get people who don’t understand what I do and sometimes I will get requests to install floodlights over a garage.

What is your favorite part about the home show?
I love meeting people and talking to new potential customers, it seems alot of people are building outdoor kitchens. I try to give alot of advice to people remodeling or building as I want to make sure they are prepared as they deal with the builders, electricians stone contractors etc. to make adding their outdoor lighting as easy as possible for them. I am working right now on a project at Hyco lake near Roxboro on a amazing outdoor kitchen for a customer I met at the last home show.

Any additional company info you’d like to include?
I feel I bring something different to outdoor lighting as I come from a concert lighting background, from working with local bands such as the Embers right out of school to local recording acts Glassmoon and Nantucket to working huge arena concerts such as Kool and The Gang, Joan Jett, Alan Jackson, Tim Mcgraw, Dan Fogelburg, 3 Doors Down, Whitney Houston to the Christmas sensation Trans Siberian Orchestra. I still do a few concerts now and then and also work at the Memorial Auditorium venues when I can.

I do maintenance on older existing systems as well as LED retrofits. I am a member of the Association of Outdoor Lighting Professionals a small group of professionals who are some of the best in the business.

The Fairgrounds Southern Ideal Home Show will be taking over the North Carolina State Fairgrounds September 21-23, 2018. With hundred of home improvement experts to speak with, like the team at Light Visions Landscape Lighting, this is a must attend event. What are you waiting for? Get your tickets now!

Lite Visions Outdoor and Landscape Lighting of Raleigh’s Professional Memberships



Raleigh,North Carolina

Is proud to be one of a small handful of members of 

The Association of Outdoor Lighting Professionals

whose mission is To Promote and Advance the Outdoor Lighting Industry

Mission of AOLP

To promote and advance the landscape and architectural lighting industry for lighting designers and installers.

Here is a link to AOLP’s consumer webite with some great outdoor lighting information


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