Outdoor Pool Lighting in the Raleigh area

Homeowners in Raleigh NC take advantage of sunny days with outdoor living spaces. When you create an outdoor living space around your pool, you will be able to encourage your family and friends to spend time outdoors and enjoy some fresh air. With today’s busy lifestyles, families want to be able to enjoy their outdoor living spaces every minute of the day—even after dusk.  Lite Visions Outdoor and Landscape Lighting offers several techniques can achieve a dramatic look while providing a safe, cozy, people-friendly environment.

Around the pool, you should have both functional lighting and mood lighting. At night, most people spend little time swimming; they’re more likely to be cooking and socializing. You want lighting that’s conducive to all of that and creates a pleasant experience, so we avoid anything that looks like a harsh spotlight across the pool – instead, we use combination lighting effects to illuminate elements around the pool.

Like the illumination from the sun and the moon, the most natural form of lighting comes from above. If a tree canopy hangs over the pool deck, moonlighting can create a mystical effect. You can put moon lights in tall trees or off the side of the house. Soft, uplighting adds a touch of class to any setting. River Birch, Crepe Myrtles, Japanese Maples and Palms are one of our favorite candidates for uplighting. With complex limb structures, the evening sight of these beauties can be enjoyed year around. As a bonus, If the trees are close by the pool they usually provide a beautiful reflection on the surface of the water as well. Path lighting is a much smaller version of downlighting, this popular fixture treatment displays streams of light along walkways.






The landscape surrounding the pool area can act like a backdrop; it can create the perfect lighting canvas…many landscapers now are showcasing beautiful water features or water falls or fences. We will be sure these features are not over lit and that the right color temperatures are used and that you are not competing with the lighting that may already be provided from inside the pool. Finally, a lighting technique that will define the property or boundaries by softly washing the pillars of the walls with a soft warm light is wall washing. This technique can truly refine and finish off the pool area and provide that feeling of balance and composition to your landscape.






Exterior lighting not only adds to the ambiance and atmosphere of a pool area; it also adds safety and security. There is no shortage of ideas or possibilities when it comes to exterior lighting. Lite Visions will gladly discuss lighting ideas and possibilities for your Pool,Home and Outdoor spaces

The best thing about installing low voltage lighting around the pool area is 12 volt lighting is 100% safe around the water

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Lite Visions Outdoor Lighting and Landscape Lighting Professionals Raleigh NC

Creating Magical Outdoor Lighting Effects With Water in Raleigh

When outdoor lighting is added to homes, trees and plant materials near any type water feature, pond or pool, as a bonus to the feature itself looking stunning, the outdoor lighting will usually create a beautiful mirrored effect onto the surface of the water.

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Working with an outdoor landscape lighting designer in Raleigh NC

Accent lighting,which is light gently grazing the surface of the stone, stucco, and brick will add depth and dimension your home’s architecture as well as showing the features. This home is a great example.


Accent outdoor lighting such things as an arbor, fence a statue or structure and trees will give you a dramatic and attention-getting visual lighting effect, creating a lighting scene with a backdrop as well as mimicking moonlights natural effects.

Water feature lighting.

Illuminating a water feature, pond or pool combines 2 effects, you might have some trees or plantings near the water that will look interesting with up lighting. You also get stunning mirrored images on the water’s surface, creating dreamlike effects rippling across the water’s surface.


Accent and illuminate a bridge over a water feature with outdoor lighting to highlight it’s features and create safety.


Path way outdoor lighting will create a sense of security along stone pathways and lawn walkways as well as adding a hint of intrigue to plant beds and boulders along the way.


Down lighting with lights placed up in trees shining thru the trees creates stunning shadows on the ground below mimicking moonlighting effects.

Patio and deck lighting will feature and accentuate all of the architecture, beauty and detail of your deck, patio, outdoor kitchen, hand railings, steps and more while creating safety.

Hardscape outdoor lighting brings out your stone features along with your outdoor kitchen, retaining walls, steps and more.

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Outdoor Lighting for safety and beauty in Raleigh NC

A lot of us in the Raleigh NC area like to spend as much time as possible outside during the summer months. However, that fun can often be cut short when night falls and you can no longer see or enjoy your outdoor space. Instead of moving indoors or trying to stay outside while blind, consider outdoor lighting as an option. Designed to work with the layout of your outside space, outdoor landscape lighting can make your outside space a more usable and enjoyable living area. You get a larger living space and you get to stay outside as long as you want to–it’s the best of both worlds!
Safety and visibility are the most important practical points to consider when it comes to changing an exterior space like a garden or patio area for outdoor living. If people are moving around in the dark, they can hurt themselves, hurt someone else, or even trample your plants because they can’t see. Especially if you’re moving between the house and your outdoor living area with food and drinks, visibility is extremely important. Nobody wants to be the one who ruins the party by spilling dinner on the floor on the way to the table! An effective way to deal with this issue is to install a few path lights to illuminate paths, walkways, and obstacles. If people can see where a path is, or where the terrain of the garden changes, they can move around in the space with much more ease and confidence. With outdoor lighting in place, both you and your guests can move around your outdoor living area with added safety, no matter how late you stay outdoors.
Looking at the practicalities of lighting is a necessary step when you’re looking to make your yard or garden into a prime living location during the hot months, but there is also the artistic side of the situation to consider as well.  Lighting a space is not all that difficult, but no one wants to have bright floodlights hurting their eyes on a summer evening or to have a garden eyesore lit up at night so it becomes the focus of attention.
When you’re in the process of making your outside space into a living space, you can use your lighting to help create a sense of background and space, and to highlight (or hide) specific features. In many ways, your outdoor lighting plan is a way of decorating your garden or yard, much as you’d decorate or furnish a room. Landscape lighting design professionals can advise you regarding where to use solar landscape lighting for a soft glow and where to use wired lights for illumination that you can control more discretely. They can help you decide on the placement of lights that will highlight special garden features and take attention away from spots on your property that still need work! With the right lighting design, you can create an artistic space that you and your friends and family will be able to enjoy all summer long.
Outdoor living spaces are a wonderful addition to any home. Outdoor Landscape Lighting can help to make these spaces both practically and artistically pleasing so that you can eat, drink, and relax outside to your heart’s content, no matter how late it gets.

5 Star Google reviews


James Walters

James Walters3 days ago-

Lite Visions outdoor lighting made our lake home look like a nighttime oasis. Joe came up and took a look at our home and showed me a few ideas.After talking for a few weeks,we decided upon an install date and we could not be happier with how the lighting design turned out. He even suggested adding some down lighting bulbs in our 120 volt outdoor garage area lights to create a non glare look.We feel now we can enjoy our privacy at night as well as having added security without the harsh glare of the old floodlighting we had. I highly recommend Joe and Lite Visions to anyone looking into outdoor lighting in NC.

Frank Couch

Frank Couch1 review2 months ago

Great experience. Clear pride in his work and followed up to make sure I was happy. Lights look great and are much better quality than the big box store options. Hoping my outdoor light trouble shooting is behind me.

Dennis McCarty

Dennis McCarty2 reviews4 months ago

Joe made a great transformation to our house. The outdoor lighting he installed looks absolutely wonderful. It was a pleasure working with him. I’d recommend Lite Visions to anyone needing outdoor lighting

William Harrison

William Harrison2 reviews3 months ago

Joe from Lite Visions outdoor lighting created a magical look for my backyard garden and pool areas. We got Joe’s info from a neighbor who recently had outdoor lighting installed and could not be happier. After looking through his information about his concert lighting background ,we did not need to talk to anyone else. We definatly recommend Joe and Lite Visions outdoor lighting

Joseph Smolenski

Joseph Smolenski7 reviews · 6 photos4 months agoJoe from Lite Visions is passionate about what he does with decades of experience. His patience is probably his other greatest asset. He’ll walk you through recommendations and listen to your ideas. He has a great guarantee, extras, and warm personality. It is clear the cost of his services are secondary to his primary goal of helping you.

Kelsey Ferrar

Kelsey FerrarLocal Guide · 18 reviews · 5 photos5 months ago

Joe was super friendly and amazing to work with. Very professional and the work was done so fast! He came over and did a demonstration to make sure we liked everything and we are in love with our uplighting on the front of our home. We would highly recommend him to anyone!

Thomas Jones

Thomas Jones1 review8 months ago

I am so pleased with my new lighting, installed last week by Joe after laying out the demo and design.
The fixtures are beautiful, high quality, and the outdoor lights look amazing at night!
Joe and Lite Visions installed 34 LED lights (pathway, up-lights, and down-lights), replacing a semi working old halogen system and even installed 2 bbq lights on a switch for me. Joe is very knowledgeable abut outdoor lighting from his concert lighting background.
I highly recommend Joe and Lite Visions of Raleigh for your outdoor lighting . A truly great experience.

Kathy Blair

Kathy Blair3 reviews10 months ago

‭Joe is extremely knowledgeable and a real lighting professional. He installed lights in our front yard and turned a dull looking yard into something very interesting and appealing. He will create a plan and communicate that plan, and then execute it in a dependable, professional way. We have some other areas we are planning to ask Joe to assess for us, due to such a great experience with him.

Ramakanth Kodumagulla

Ramakanth Kodumagulla2 reviews11 months ago

Decided to go to NC home show at State Fair Grounds and met Joe. He is very professional and extremely creative. He setup a demo system for one night and it looked stunning. Few of my neighbors were impressed as well. So we decided to get the lights installed. He made our home look great in the evening and we love it.

Cary Golfer

Cary Golfer1 review10 months ago

A neighbor had recommended Joe and Lite Visions Landscape Lighting in Raleigh to us. Joe spoke with me on the phone,came by one afternoon looked around the property,he then came back and absolutely convinced me he was the only person for the job with not only his concert lighting experience,but his nighttime demo at our property sold me on his being a lighting designer. Joe and Lite Visions did a great job on our home and will soon also be doing a job for us at our beach home. Thanks Joe for your creativity and working with us around a rainy few days.

Phil Walters

Phil Walters1 review11 months ago

Lite visions landscape lighting of Raleigh just finished a beautiful lighting job at my residence in Raleigh. I got Joe’s info from a neighbor whose house he had just lit and I am loving our new outdoor lighting. I was impressed with Joe’s professionalism as well as his night time demo of the entire lighting system for us and his explaining and showing us different effects. I would highly recommend Joe and Lite Visions landscape lighting.

Rick French

Rick French1 review10 months agoI typically don’t write reviews but I couldn’t be more pleased with the professionalism, design and great work that Joe did for me, hence the exception here. He is a true pro who has provided lighting set-design for many major touring acts and he showed the same level of attention to detail in designing an architectural lighting plan for my home. I can’t recommend Joe and Lite Visions highly enough. His work brought the exterior of my home to life. Really happy I responded to his direct mailer and contacted him.

RDU Propertyowner

RDU Propertyowner3 reviews5 months ago

My wife and myself are fairly new to the area.
We met Joe from Lite Visions thru a referral from another contractor we were using. Joe cane out and did a nightime outdoor lighting demo for us and we had our lighting installed recently and could not be more pleased. Joe has the best guarantee in the area and has been doing lighting for concerts so long that there was no other choice for us. Ifyou are thinking about outdoor lighting in or near Raleigh,we highly recommend you do not consider anyone but Joe and Lite Visions.

Pat Sullivan

Pat Sullivan1 review10 months ago

Love our new outdoor landscape lighting, Joe and Lite Visions are the best you will ever find. I have never dealt with a more precise person. Joe went out of his way to do a full night lighting demonstration for us and explain everything along the way. Including having us check to make sure there was no light in our sleeping area.His working with concerts along with his warranty and 3 year FREE maintenance contract took him over the top. Joe not only stands behind what he tells you. He takes extreme pride in his work to ensure customer satisfaction. Need outside landscape lighting, I guarantee you will be satisfied. Give Lite Visions of Raleigh a call!

Holly Bishop

Holly Bishop3 reviews10 months ago

Joe did an amazing job with the lanscape lighting in our backyard. He is an expert at what he does and offered lighting ideas that completely changed the look and feel of our yard.

Matthew Holman

Matthew Holman3 reviews10 months ago

Joe does the best Landscape lighting in the area! From his music touring days and professional lighting experience he knows the ins and outs of the lighting systems he is installing. I had several quotes from other companies which were more expensive and not as detail oriented as Joe. Joe knows how to add just the right amount of light for the project and has the artistic eye for the best placement. He is honest and will not try to “sell” you on more fixtures. He did a Demo light set up which was invaluable!!!! (Other companies not wanting to do this because they “know where the lights need to go”) If you are spending the money on landscape lighting it is helpful to be a part of the process and see the placement of the lights. We may extend our lighting system in the future and will not use anyone else other than Joe (owner) of Lite Visions!

Bob Johnson

Bob Johnson1 reviewa year ago

Lite Visions Landscape Lighting of Raleigh recently did our homes outdoor lighting and we could not be more pleased with the outcome. Joe is a true lighting designer and a lighting artist and made our home and landscaping look great in the evening.We loved the fact that Joe had been working in the concert lighting industry and we love our home and patio area in the evening hours.

Robert Hammond

Robert Hammond7 reviews10 months agoIf you want landscape lighting you can be the envy of your neighbors call Joe, he will make it happen. I don’t think there is anything he can’t do with accent and lighting, very professional.

FREE Annual Outdoor Lighting Service

When I started Lite Visions landscape lighting, I decided to take myself over the top by giving a 1year warranty along with the Manufactures warranty.

I also give a 1 year FREE Annual maintenance agreement as well. I do this simply to show my gratitude for my customers and I want to help keep their lighting system looking 100% always. Coming from my music and touring background. I feel confident in my skills as a lighting technician and lighting designer, as well as lighting fixtures and installation methods.

I back our systems with the best warranty and FREE Annual service contract in the Raleigh area! It’s not about the sale, it’s about providing a stunning lighting design for our clients for years to come. I want you to tell your friends & neighbors about us! Most of my landscape lighting business is word of mouth referrals from friends and neighbors who saw your night time demo or lighting system. From cleaning your fixtures, adjusting them due to growth or simply cutting a few small branches that are in front of a light fixture, I always want your lighting to look 100%

How I Got Into Outdoor Lighting Design

Unlike a lot of companies who simply have added outdoor lighting as a secondary sideline to their other business, or have bought into a cookie cutter outdoor lighting franchise.

Outdoor Lighting is Lite Visions only business and recieves 100% of my attention.

Pathway and Bridge lit up at night

I spent many years travelling in the music industry doing lighting for bands.When I decided to stop travelling 10 months out of the year and was talking to a friend who was in the outdoor lighting industry he convinced me that outdoor lighting design would be a natural transition for me,as I was already lighting up structures only on stages.

Me with some record awards

I started out many years ago working for a neighbor whose kids I grew up with in a beach band called the Embers,that set the stage for working with a local group that had a record out called Nantucket and another Raleigh band who had several records out Glassmoon. I was in Atlanta doing a show and called a friend with a production company to eat lunch and it was a turning point in my career,he offered me a tour with a group called Kool and the Gang,not only would I be a technician setting up themassive concert lighting,but I would get to operate lighting for several opening bands including KC and the Sunshine band. Over the years I was fortunate to work in all generes of music from rock to country to pop and even got to tour with WWF wrestling and the holiday sensation Trans Siberian Orchestra.

Me with Lou Rawls

I consider myself very fortunate to have had a long career in the music industry,but am glad to be close to home and designing beautiful outdoor lighting that homeowners can enjoy.

Note from Timothy B Schmidt from the Eagles who played on a Dan Fogleburg tour as well as Beth our opening act

I design and install all outdoor lighting systems and am available to personally address your needs if anything should ever come up.

I only use and install the best products available that we believe in and will not install inferior cheap fixtures just to make a profit.

About Joe Yanulevich

Born in Raleigh NC

NC Insured low voltage lighting contractor

Lighting designer and touring electrician for over 35 years.

Graduate of Nightscaping outdoor lighting university

Graduate of Garden Light Design university

Member of the Association of Outdoor Lighting Professionals

3 Doors down 2001 tour itenerary and live lighting photo

Southern Ideal Home Show



Feb 12, 2019

We’re excited to have Lite Visions Landscape Lighting join us at the Fairgrounds Southern Ideal Home Show. Lite Visions Lighting Designer Joe, went from lighting up the stars to lighting under the stars with his outdoor lighting, architectural lighting and landscape lighting design firm Lite Visions. Lite Visions landscape lighting is located in Raleigh NC and currently services the following areas: Apex, Cary, Chapel Hill, Clayton, Durham, Fuquay Varina, Garner, Goldsboro, Holly Springs, Knightdale, Morrisville, Raleigh, Smithfield, Wake Forest and Zebulon. Lite Visions is not a lighting franchise, which anyone can purchase. Lite Visions is locally owned lighting design and installation company. They pride themselves in delivering the best LED Outdoor Fixture, workmanship and customer service to our clients in Raleigh and the surrounding areas. We do custom outdoor lighting to both residential and commercial properties.

Before seeing the team at booth #2347, get to know more about them in our brief interview below. 

Describe your products and services.From Lighting the Stars to Lighting Under The Stars: Lite Visions Owner and Raleigh Native, Joe went from working with Concert acts Whitney Houston, Tim Mcgraw and Alan Jackson to the Christmas Sensation The Trans Siberian Orchestra as a Lighting Technician and Lighting Designer. Joe is now designing and installing unique outdoor and architectural lighting in the NC area. We also update older outdoor lighting systems. Please see our 5 star reviews on google.

What is your best home or garden tip for the season?
If you are considering outdoor lighting, please make sure the person you use knows what they are doing. I see jobs where the job looks cheap due to the fact someone put lights under the windows of the home instead of lighting up the architecture of the home. Or they installed a transformer in plain sight of the front of the home. A number of people install lights, that does not mean they are lighting designers. I paint pictures with light.

What are your featured deals this season?
I offer a show discount of 5% off any lighting design and installation within 30 days of the home show. I work with companies who offer the best products and warranty available in the professional outdoor lighting industry. I stand behind my installations and get many referrals because of that.

What are your home and garden pet peeves?
Seeing a BAD lighting job when I drive out of a neighborhood in the evening knowing some homeowner paid good money for that job and does not know the difference. We are not a lighting franchise that can be sold to anyone wanting to open a franchise business. We do not sell or install inferior products just to make a profit. All of our products have the best professional warranty available to the lighting professional. As a lighting designer. I want to walk into a home and see what the owner’s view is outside to paint a beautiful picture with lighting that they can view. Some installers just put up a few lights that people riding by the home can see, that is not a lighting design. But what their franchise told them to sell as a package. Some companies stick lights in the ground and never come back to see how they look at night.

What is the strangest client request you’ve ever received?
To light a big tree in a front yard that I would not have chosen to light, the couples son had recently passed away and he had planted that tree for his mom. When I heard that story I lit that tree for no charge.

What is your favorite part of the home show?
Meeting and making friends from all walks of life and hearing the ohhs and ahhs from them the first time we turn their new lighting on. I recently did a lighting design and spent alot of time with the client over several evenings. He was so in awe of what the initial lighting looked like that we installed more lighting and he was like a kid with a new toy. I am passionate about my lighting designs.

Any additional information you’d like people to know?
Professional outdoor landscape lighting is not cheap, I work with an interior designer who says “Do it right and you only cry once”. My designs include seeing the effects not the light source.I work with many different types of fixtures, lamps,color temperatures,filters and shields. Maintenance is a must,I can’t tell you how many old installs I get called to look at where a fixture or cable has grown into a tree.

The Fairgrounds Southern Ideal Home Show is taking over the North Carolina State Fairgrounds April 5-7, 2019. Don’t have your tickets yet? Buy online and save $2!

APRIL 5-7, 2019

Outdoor Lighting, One of the Best Investments You Can Make in Raleigh NC

Outdoor Lighting is one of the Best Investments

a Homeowner Can Make

One of the fastest and easiest ways to boost your curb appeal and show off the beauty of your Raleigh NC home is to add outdoor lighting in the areas that will provide maximum impact. By highlighting the best features of your home, not only you can be sure it looks its best, even after night falls; outdoor lighting can also be used to show off the other investments you’ve made to improve your curb appeal.

Taking the time to properly light the exterior of your home can showcase your home and call attention to the features you love most, without making expensive changes to the structure of your home or yard.

Highlighting Your Home

with Outdoor Lighting

Some of the changes you make to the exterior of your home won’t even be visible after dark unless you highlight them with your lighting choices. outdoor lighting is one of the least expensive ways to boost curb appeal and makes a big impact on your home’s exterior. With lighting, you can pick out and highlight your home’s best features – while leaving those you’d prefer not to show off or that are in need of attention in the dark.

Home During the Daylight Hours

Same home with Outdoor Lighting providing Safety & Security

Show off Your Landscape Features

with Outdoor Lighting

The landscape, garden, even that beautiful statue or water feature will shine after dark if you highlight them with the right lighting. Exterior lighting enhances all the other improvements you’ve made and improves your home’s appeal, even after dark. By highlighting your improvements with up lighting,tree lighting and other lighting effects, you can be sure you get the most from your curb appeal investment.

Landscape Lighting Raleigh NC

Outdoor Lighting Boosts

Safety and Security

An investment in outdoor lighting does more than just make your home look great; by illuminating your lawn and yard you make your home a less appealing target to potential burglars and those possibly wishing to do you harm.

Lighting up the areas around windows and doorways and walkways can and will enhance the look of your home and boost your security as well.

Outdoor lighting is about more than crime prevention; by using lights to illuminate walkways and paths, you make your yard safe and easy to navigate. Your family and guests will appreciate being able to navigate the yard and reach your home without safely in the evenings.

Whether you want to enhance your curb appeal, show off the unique features of your yard and home or improve your home’s safety, outdoor lighting can help. Call  Lite Visions today at 919-518-9950 to find out how easy it is to make a lasting impression with the right outdoor lighting. We  can help you decide what you need to showcase your home’s best features and to give you peace of mind about the safety and security of your home, too.

Outdoor lighting installed on bridge over water feature and walkway providing safety in the evenings.

Call us Today 919-518-9950 Lite Visions Outdoor Lighting and Landscape Lighting Professionals Raleigh NC

What is Outdoor Security Lighting & Why is it Important in Raleigh NC?

Outdoor Security Lighting Raleigh

Security lighting should provide security by discouraging trespassers. A well-lit home is less likely to be broken into.

Outdoor landscape lighting adds beauty and dimension to a home. Lighting is also an integral part of an effective home security system. Outdoor security lighting discourages would-be intruders from targeting your home by increasing the risk of being caught. The best lighting design allows physical detection and facial recognition minimizes hiding spots and increases your sense of safety.

You don’t have to light your home like a football field to feel safe. Over-illumination with floodlights pointed all over can draw unwanted attention to valuable items in your home or business and can cause light pollution. In this guide, we offer an overview of security lighting and simple tips to help you identify potential safety and security risks, select the best security lights, and determine their placement to ensure your safety and security.


A 2007 Washington Post article found burglars search for homes that appear to be unoccupied. Lighting adds an element of surprise and establishes an occupancy pattern that deters intruders from targeting a home in the first place. Residents that use outdoor lighting as part of their security plan significantly decrease their chances of being burglarized.

Outdoor Security Lighting Raleigh

The Illuminating Engineering Society (IES) further explains that good security lighting anticipates potential threats and predators, and increases the means necessary to commit a crime, discouraging would-be criminals from breaking into a home. This security approach is known as target hardening. In other words, the longer it takes to plan and execute a break in, the less likely criminals are to target that home. According to the IES, home security lighting must have the following aims:

  • Provide a clear view of the area; including people and objects such as fences, walls and barriers
  • Allow facial recognition at a minimum distance of 30 feet
  • Make tasks such as finding your keys, retrieving the mail, or walking the dog easier and safer
  • Help people avoid criminal threats and/or defend themselves when a threat is perceived
  • Enhance your sense of safety when spending time outdoors

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