Integrated LED vs drop in LED lamps

Integrated LED fixtures worked perfect to light the peaks of this Cary residence

Integrated LED outdoor lights have been around for a few years now. The great thing about LED integrated fixtures is most have a minimum 10 year warranty and up to a 20 year warranty. Integrated LED light fixtures are meant to operate cooler for longer chip life as well as giving a better light.Some are even adjustible with the color temperature of the fixture as well as the focus of the light on the one fixture making it easy to adjust them and not have to go thru several lamps. Some are specificially built for mounting into hardscaping or for use at down lighting in trees. They are very energy efficent and green friendly. Integrated fixtures due to having these great fixtures are a bit more pricey. Integrated LED fixtures are the Lexus of the low voltage lighting industry.

American made cast aluminum fixtures with drop in LED lamps highlight this crepe myrtle

LED drop in lamps have gotten better better and better and keep getting better.Gone are the days several years ago when you had only cheap chinese LEDs with lots of bubbles that would slowly burn out one bubble at a time. The best LED lamps come with a 3/5 year warranty and are easy to replace in most low voltage fixtures. They are built to run in totally enclosed fixtures so as to not get any moisture into the chip and run extremely cool and are very energy efficent and green friendly. Drop in LEDs are a great cost effective option for alot of outdoor lighting jobs.

Lite Visions provides an installation warranty on both type LED fixtures as well as an annual maintenance of our installed systems.

Cheap and inferior outdoor lighting and repairs

a CHEAP INFERIOR outdoor fixture with thin walled brass falling apart after only a few years of installation.Notice the side cracking. Making it impossible to put in new lamps.

Everyday it seems I receive an email from a lighting manufacture wanting me to use their fixtures. I use the outdoor lighting fixtures I use due to their being proven to withstand harsh conditions and have proven to be in the field and still working for over 16 years on sites.

Alot of companies who install outdoor lighting are less expensive due to the fact that they only want their check and DO NOT CARE if the lights are working or holding up after their installation warranty period is over.

Some outdoor companies or landscapers will try to sell you on their brass or copper fixtures that perhaps their company cheaply make in house.

Lamp sockets cheaply made that allow play in the lamps are also something we run into alot and replace with new sockets or replace the entire fixtures.

Poorly made wiring connections by improperly trained technicians can also lead up to having wires corrode and stop passing voltage correctly and reduce your light life.

These pierce point connections cause water to corrode cable by piercing the cable,indoor wire nuts should never be used on outdoor low voltage wiring .

Lite Visions cares about building relationships with our customers and we get alot of word of mouth referrals because of that fact. We have gone in and fixed jobs that were badly installed and either weren’t working or things were falling apart in a shot time of the installation.

American Flag Lighting

According to the U.S. Flag Code, Section 6a: “It is universal custom to display the flag only from sunrise to sunset on buildings and on stationary flagstaffs in the open. However, when a patriotic effect is desired, the flag may be displayed twenty-four hours a day if properly illuminated during the hours of darkness.”

American flags illuminated at night

The Code itself doesn’t indicate what “properly” means. However, “The American Legion interprets ‘proper illumination’ as a light specifically placed to illuminate the flag (preferred) or having a light source sufficient to illuminate the flag so it is recognizable as such by the casual observer.”

Lite Visions will properly illuminate your flag with low voltage outdoor lighting to be sure everyone can see your American flag proudly at night.

Depending on the size and location of the flag, a few lights near the base of the flagpole makes a tremendous difference at night. The flag becomes a strong focal point at night adding interest and the red white and blue colors. We take the flag’s height and size into consideration and knows what fixtures and beam spread will properly illuminate your flag throughout the night. Even if you think your flagpole is too tall, our new LED light source is powerful enough to properly illuminate your flag at night. Don’t forget the pole should also be properly illuminated along with the flag.

Alot of homeowners try to light a large American flag with one small lighting fixture and it simply is not enough light to barely see the flag, let alone illuminate the American flag when a wind is blowing the flag in any direction. Allow us to design a lighting plan to help illuminate your beautiful American flag at night. Long may it wave.

Creating a Backyard Oasis with Outdoor Lighting

Homeowners can take advantage of sunny days with outdoor living spaces. When you create an outdoor living space around your pool, you will be able to encourage your family and friends to spend time outdoors and enjoy some fresh air. With today’s busy lifestyles, families want to be able to enjoy their outdoor living spaces every minute of the day—even after dusk. Lite Visions Landscape Lighting offers several outdoor lighting techniques which can achieve a dramatic look while providing a safe, cozy, people-friendly environment. This is a recent lighting job we designed and installed in Wakefield.

Lite Visions Landscape Lighting

We Do Our Best Work At NIGHT.

Outdoor Pool Lighting in the Raleigh area

Homeowners in Raleigh NC take advantage of sunny days with outdoor living spaces. When you create an outdoor living space around your pool, you will be able to encourage your family and friends to spend time outdoors and enjoy some fresh air. With today’s busy lifestyles, families want to be able to enjoy their outdoor living spaces every minute of the day—even after dusk.  Lite Visions Outdoor and Landscape Lighting offers several techniques can achieve a dramatic look while providing a safe, cozy, people-friendly environment.

Around the pool, you should have both functional lighting and mood lighting. At night, most people spend little time swimming; they’re more likely to be cooking and socializing. You want lighting that’s conducive to all of that and creates a pleasant experience, so we avoid anything that looks like a harsh spotlight across the pool – instead, we use combination lighting effects to illuminate elements around the pool.

Like the illumination from the sun and the moon, the most natural form of lighting comes from above. If a tree canopy hangs over the pool deck, moonlighting can create a mystical effect. You can put moon lights in tall trees or off the side of the house. Soft, uplighting adds a touch of class to any setting. River Birch, Crepe Myrtles, Japanese Maples and Palms are one of our favorite candidates for uplighting. With complex limb structures, the evening sight of these beauties can be enjoyed year around. As a bonus, If the trees are close by the pool they usually provide a beautiful reflection on the surface of the water as well. Path lighting is a much smaller version of downlighting, this popular fixture treatment displays streams of light along walkways.






The landscape surrounding the pool area can act like a backdrop; it can create the perfect lighting canvas…many landscapers now are showcasing beautiful water features or water falls or fences. We will be sure these features are not over lit and that the right color temperatures are used and that you are not competing with the lighting that may already be provided from inside the pool. Finally, a lighting technique that will define the property or boundaries by softly washing the pillars of the walls with a soft warm light is wall washing. This technique can truly refine and finish off the pool area and provide that feeling of balance and composition to your landscape.






Exterior lighting not only adds to the ambiance and atmosphere of a pool area; it also adds safety and security. There is no shortage of ideas or possibilities when it comes to exterior lighting. Lite Visions will gladly discuss lighting ideas and possibilities for your Pool,Home and Outdoor spaces

The best thing about installing low voltage lighting around the pool area is 12 volt lighting is 100% safe around the water

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Alot of homeowners do not understand,going to a big box store and buying a LED bulb not made for wet area use or in an enclosed fixture might not last 30 days to six months. I have personally heard another contractor asking a vendor for the cheapest lights he could make the most money on,because after they get the check they are done with the job and walk away from it. I could not believe my ears. No wonder so many people have complaints about different contractors these day.

We are NOT A OUTDOOR LIGHTING FRANCHISE that anyone can buy into,We have a long history in lighting design and lighting tech work with live concerts.

At Lite Visions,we design our systems to not only look great,but with longevity in mind,from using the highest quality outdoor lighting fixtures available to us. But also working with a family owned local supply house where they keep a good supply of the lighting supplies we use on a regular basis and where we can get warranty items taken care of locally.

We are a member of the Association of Outdoor Lighting Professionals who helps our industry in many ways, there are only a small handful of outdoor lighting designers who are a member of this small group of outdoor lighting professionals.

We have  5 star reviews on google ,yelp,houzz and facebook.


Creating Magical Outdoor Lighting Effects With Water in Raleigh

When outdoor lighting is added to homes, trees and plant materials near any type water feature, pond or pool, as a bonus to the feature itself looking stunning, the outdoor lighting will usually create a beautiful mirrored effect onto the surface of the water.

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The Art of Outdoor Lighting in Raleigh NC

Nothing beautifies your home more than outdoor LED lighting. Low voltage LED lighting’s purpose is to unify your home and the surrounding landscaping into the evening hours. There are few things that will impact your home’s value and curb appeal better than a correctly designed and professionally installed outdoor LED lighting system.

The many advancements in today’s LED out lighting fixtures have made your choices even more attractive and can add long term value to your property.


When designing your outdoor lighting,we take into account your personal style and adapt your exterior environment to evoke a particular mood or place that is soothing to you.

Even modest homes or those with limited yards can benefit from outdoor landscape lighting.

You have a substantial investment in your home and homeowners are looking more and more to outdoor landscape lighting to increase their outdoor living spaces well into the the evening hours.

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Working with an outdoor landscape lighting designer in Raleigh NC

Accent lighting,which is light gently grazing the surface of the stone, stucco, and brick will add depth and dimension your home’s architecture as well as showing the features. This home is a great example.


Accent outdoor lighting such things as an arbor, fence a statue or structure and trees will give you a dramatic and attention-getting visual lighting effect, creating a lighting scene with a backdrop as well as mimicking moonlights natural effects.

Water feature lighting.

Illuminating a water feature, pond or pool combines 2 effects, you might have some trees or plantings near the water that will look interesting with up lighting. You also get stunning mirrored images on the water’s surface, creating dreamlike effects rippling across the water’s surface.


Accent and illuminate a bridge over a water feature with outdoor lighting to highlight it’s features and create safety.


Path way outdoor lighting will create a sense of security along stone pathways and lawn walkways as well as adding a hint of intrigue to plant beds and boulders along the way.


Down lighting with lights placed up in trees shining thru the trees creates stunning shadows on the ground below mimicking moonlighting effects.

Patio and deck lighting will feature and accentuate all of the architecture, beauty and detail of your deck, patio, outdoor kitchen, hand railings, steps and more while creating safety.

Hardscape outdoor lighting brings out your stone features along with your outdoor kitchen, retaining walls, steps and more.

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